The Potato Clan

This is a somewhat personal post. Not so scientifically well-researched, not persuasive, the aim of this article is just to express my gratitude for my group of friends.

Growing up as the daughter of my father, I can’t help but learn all his charismatic charms. I learned how to make people like me; I learned how to impress people, but the one thing i didn’t learn is how to cling on to your true friends.

My parents are a close-off bunch; in fact, I can’t really list who they trust beside our family members. I learned the art of letting go of the people around me through the numerous moves i had to endure throughout my childhood. I learned that we can, in fact, find new friends as time passes by, so why bother making the efforts to cling to one particular friend?

This thought seems to me naive in almost every way now that i think about it. i just didn’t know the value of true friendship, the true friendship i now call “the Potato Clan”.

As pathetic as it sounds, we found each other online. The first member i found was Parinha, or Pari, for short. We took a couple of classes together last year in college. I added him on Facebook and we started to hit it off quite well.

Through him i got to know Molika, Mo for short, and Sonita, aka. Poj. We didn’t come together though, not until as of late.


My bond with Pari really grew when we traveled to Siem Reap (previous article) together on a charity trip, organized by YDP (Youth Development Program). I happened to select the seat right next to him, and we hit if off. Our topic of discussion ranged from Aliens, to atheism, to existentialism. Pari is a total sweatheart though he tries to act all tough outside. From him, I learned the value of being there for a friend. He’s one of the best friends anyone could have.

Mo, is the reason why this clan is called “Potato Clan”. She changed her name to “Potato”. yup! she’s one of the quirkiest person i know. Through chatting, we eventually hung out and she’s just as cool in person as her potato persona. Though she is still in highschool, i can see how mature she is.


Then comes Poj. One of the most random, kind-hearted, funniest person you would ever meet. She’s a sister to Pari, that’s how we met. (I know you have been misunderstood A LOT, but believe me, all of your quirks is AWESOME.)


Months later, i found out i actually met Pari and Poj at 2012, though we didn’t know each other. Things have a weird way of playing out. I think we are just four lonely (and weird) people, looking for companionship, looking for a home. To be honest, If i were able to start it all over again, i would not change a thing.

this post is to encourage you. yes, you, Mo, Pari and Poj. Your randomness, your quirkiness may irritate others, but not me.





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