Darling, I thought you were ready,

That your heart’s been healed at best,

So I loaned you the key,

To my empty cracked chest,

For a while, you took good care of it,

Filling it with souvenirs you’d brought from your life,

And for a while, I too was contented,

For how could I not be when your smile was that bright?

But, you have to understand when I decided to close the chest,

Was when I found you still snuggle close to her old sweater,

While wonders filled the space in my case,

You were having a hard time cleaning the haunting scent of hers,

So, darling, for now I think we both deserve a rest,

You, from the haunting scent and I, from the newly-filled space,

But, don’t forget when you’re done cleaning the pest,

Come by knocking for you still hold a key to my broken chest.

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