While I would rush by people on the cracked dirt track to get to my destination, she would be going step by step on the pavement, taking in the fresh scenery. While I would furiously type words on the screen to get the thoughts out of my head, her fingers would be still, hovering just above the keyboard waiting for her mind to mule the thoughts over in her head until her soul is satisfied. While I would talk fast, skipping from one story to the next in case my jumping train of thoughts would betray me and make me forget my topics, she would take the time to let her thoughts unfold naturally into dancing of her tongue. I thought life was a vast ocean of information and the only way of dealing with this was to take everything in which means the less time you spend on one thing, the more time you have to take others in. She taught me that while life is indeed gigantic, if we don’t immerse ourselves in one particular aspect of it, we would come out with quite empty-handed. Thanks to her, I have finally realized that to live means to enjoy everything life has to offer. There’s no enjoyment if all we do is rushing from one moment to the next. It’s true that the best way to live is to make sure you never forget to stop and smell that little yellow flower on the side of the street while you’re on the way to your dreams.

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