COMING OUT………… as Ravenclaw!

I am pretty sure anyone that has an inkling about what Harry Potter is about know what the four houses are. Just for a quick review; there are of course 4 houses. The brave belong to Gryffindor while the ambitious go to Slytherin. Hufflepuffs are for the hard-working and those that value knowledge belong to Ravenclaw. If I had been able to get access to the real Sorting Hat, this wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

Sadly, the Sorting Hat is only a piece of imagination (it hurts me to type this). Because of the lack of the ultimate decision maker in this universe, I have been trying to find out just where I belong to. A quick Google search reveal scores of quizzes from the outright bizarre to those that are deemed as legit on to determine just which house you belong in the Harry Potter universe, and I have done pretty much most of them.

At first, I had been sorted into Gryffindor, until I found out reckless head-on attacks to problem is not really my kind of thing. Because of that revelation, I switched houses. I became a serpentine Slytherin. Oh, I had often considered myself as being considerably evil, until I got in touch with a lot of literature (fanfictions included, yo!) where I have learned to be more sympathetic and sensitive, in which my being a Slytherin just didn’t make sense anymore. After that short Slytherin phase, I switched houses again and prided myself as being a Hufflepuff. This was the house that didn’t care so much about competition, and like to work hard for what they care for. Apart from the yellow house color, Hufflepuff was the ideal house for me. However, as I was going around huffing my puff, telling my friends that I was a Hufflepuff and stuff, I have always had this little feeling that something was amiss; that something was not quite right.

Just a couple of days ago, I was watching an interview of the Carmilla (yo, Creampuffs!) cast. The question for the cast was whether they would love to be a vampire. I asked myself the same question too, and my immediate response was hell yeah! Why the hell not? If I was a vampire, I would have all the time in the world to read all the books in the world! Yup! That was my answer. That was the one sure answer to almost everything.

What do you want to do when you have free time? Accumulate knowledge.

What would you want, if you could have a superpower? The power to know everything.

What is your goal in life? To know about things in-depth and gain wisdom.

That’s it. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realize I am a Ravenclaw at heart. I think part of the reason why I could not bring myself to confess that I was a Ravenclaw was the fact that they are deemed to be boring, and non-adventurous. They are deemed to be cowardice and even selfish in some instances.

My personal philosophy is to know a lot and to live life to the fullest in all moments. Honesty and bravery also rank very close to being wise, but then again, we all know it’s not what we are capable of, but what we prize the most that makes us who we are, and ultimately what house we belong in, so I played a game with myself.

At first, I tried to imagine a life without honesty. I think I could live with that, if I had a purpose for the dishonesty.

Then I tried to imagine a life without bravery, and again, I reckon I could probably deal with that, too, because I believe there are instances where you need to not to be brave to survive.

Afterwards, I tried to think of a life without ambition. And hell yeah! I could totally live as a nobody. However, when I tried to think of me living a life without books, knowledge sources, or the ability to learn….

I just couldn’t… I would rather die than to live without my mind.

I am pretty sure that is the most fundamental needs of mine- the need to be able to exercise my thinking. So, yes. I think the answer is pretty loud and clear at this point.

I am now proudly a Ravenclaw (Caw caw, motherfucker!).

I made this revelation this morning, and I am so happy about it. Nobody but my closest potterhead friend knows about it yet, but I am so satisfied. It’s like I finally find a place that I belong to. It is almost liberating in nature. I can proudly say I am a nerd, and a Ravenclaw, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Is this another phase? Will I eventually switch house again? I don’t know, but for now, I am just content at being another nerdy, witty member of the Ravenclaw house.

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2 thoughts on “COMING OUT………… as Ravenclaw!”

  1. I sense a mutual feelings here. If we could have all the time in the world, we are definitely gonna spend it all on reading. J.K Rowling gave us a magical childhood, Harry and the other members of the Phoenix squad gave us a sense of belonging. Great article Miss Granger. Always be a proud Potterhead !!

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