Yes, but.

Yes, we humans are argumentative creatures. We fight each other; we argue all the time. Yes, we are brutal; we make wars, slaying our own kind, raiding other territories for our own gains. Yes, we are selfish. It’s always us versus them. We sometimes don’t bait an eye for the homeless, yet cry when our beloved pet is wounded.

Yes, we are driven by greed. Destroying everything in our path to wealth and success at the mercy of everything surrounding us even if we know it will bite us in the ass at the end. And we continue doing that knowing full well how many other harmless creatures we are sacrificing.

Yes, we are attention seeking. We always scream me! me! me! Listening to things, all the while twitching to fit our story in it. We used to sit hours on end for a portrait, and now take hundreds of selfies to prove our existence.

Yes, we are all vain, judging people, yet accusing people of judging ourselves. We live inside our own heads and wonder why nobody understands us. Well, whatever their perceptions are; they are just wrong.

But we are also curious. We were curious of what life would be like under the trees, and outside the caves. We are curious of what it was like thousands of meters underwater, and million light years away outside of earth.

And we are brave. Brave enough to descend from the trees, the only place we knew we would be safe. Brave enough to leave the caves, the promise of warmth and security. We are brave enough to venture deep under the ocean, even though the pressure crushes our heart and bones every time we dare to. We are brave enough to send probes to space, wanting to know if we had a companion in this vast universe.

We also seek out connection. We create languages and sound to convey our world to others. We create paintings and arts and stories to share our experiences. We thought it would be a good idea to wrap our arms around another person to show our support and started calling it hugging. We slap our lips together to show our desire to get out of our heads and into another. We send out weird squiggles and fragments of sounds to outer-space, hoping that one day when we are gone, something might pick it up and know that long, long ago, there was this species of living thing who fought, who kissed and who hugged, living on a tiny blue dot they called home, wondering for much of their existence if they were really as alone as they felt.

I think in this imperfectly imbalanced universe, we, the imperfect and imbalanced (and lonely) human beings are just trying our damn hardest to achieve balance, but never really achieving.

That takes courage, man. As much as I hate humans, I also love them.

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