Player One, Listen Up!

Let’s just bear with me here.

First off, customize your character. What do you want to be? A male, or female or none and both at the same time? Sure. You want purple spikey hair? Go for it. Caps or nah? You choose. Tell me honestly what the point of taking others’ thoughts into consideration is. This is your damn character. If they have an opinion, well, let them customize theirs.

Scary-sounding life goals? Those are just missions and small quests. We all know a game is useless if it doesn’t have an end mission; well, the same is with life. Set up those goals, get up, and go get’em! Focus on the quest at hand, and believe that those small seemingly unconnected quests will weave together to get you to the main mission.

Failed the first time, second and third? That’s okay. Nobody wins a worth-while game overnight. Go over to your saving point, and start again. Every gamer knows it takes a lot of hard practice until they can achieve a mission. The same goes with life. Go back home, treat yourself well, sleep, get up, and do it all over again. You’ve got this, champ.

Something you don’t expect is calling you out to a different territory? Dude, that’s a side quest going on there. Go for it! Unknown territory brings out fearsome monsters, but there also lies hidden treasures that you would have never encountered had you travelled your normal route. The same goes with life. Sometimes, unexpected chances appear, grab ‘em! Most of the time, they don’t even appear as chances. Just like how that old witch coming to you has a dangerous quest to ask for help, some of the chances look like problems at first. However, by the end of the quest, you would have gained some extraordinary XPs! Who knows?

An enemy you hate? A bully you despise? A judge you fear? Well, think of them as the “big bosses”. Don’t literally kill them off, though; that kills people, Caaarl. Just think of a way to defeat their grip on you, to stop being in their mercy. After all, they are just humans, not a zombified dragons you normally encounter in real games.

Friends? No, they are comrades. Some may appear often, some may only seldom come for help. That’s okay because they also have their own battles to fight. Help them when they ask for, and ask for help when you need them. Every competitive gamer knows alliance plays an important role in winning, and so does life.

Register as Player I. Grab the remote, and take control.

Isn’t it nice to think of yourself as the main character in a game? But you know what’s better than this? Unlike pre-designed games, real life’s quests can be designed the way you want it! Don’t like the game you are playing now? Change, and be ready for the challenges!




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