Being on Top: EPT

It was the English Proficiency Test (EPT) last week.

For those of you who are not in IFL, this might not matter much.
Just for your information, EPT is an annual test to rank all students of the same batch on their English proficiency, and it’s quite of a big thing. I mean, it’s supposed to be fair, non-biased, free from any considerations such as absences, or class participation (phew, or I might have to rank as one of the worst). The thing is that I’ve got the top rank among the freshmen in 2015. Though I tried to keep the publicity down because I am a sufferer of public expectation, words still got around.

Getting the top spot is quite hard, but staying on top is harder.

It’s one level harder when you can’t sufficiently prepare yourself for the test because it’s about your general understanding of English.

As the test date drew nearer, the pressure kept mounting, not from anyone, not even the teacher, classmates or even my family. It’s just from me, myself, and I. The funny thing about being raised up with high academic expectation is that even when your parents cease to expect it from you, you expect it from yourself. You become your worst critic, especially when academic tests are concerned. I had to deliberately remind myself that all that matters is to do one’s best, that the result should not matter too much.

To the students with high academic expectations thrusted upon them out there, *pat pat*.


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4 thoughts on “Being on Top: EPT”

  1. I had been doing well academically until I entered my third year at college. I had been doing so well that I was constantly living with fear of other people seeing my flaw. I was afraid to disappoint my parents. I barely tried any thing new. I didn’t want to take any test. After reading a book, I started to open my mind to the fact that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as I learn. If I am who I was all those years, I’d not be writing a comment here.

    1. Good for you! The more successful you become, the scarier it is to be perceived as a failure! I’m glad you’ve learnt to open your mind, and accept your future mistakes!

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