A Letter to Rejected Nice Guys

Dear rejected nice guys,

I know you are still hung up over the fact that you got rejected. I know you have hatched plans after plans in your head, trying to “win me back”; never mind that fact that we were never a proper thing in the first place.

I know you’ve probably in one point, felt a sense of injustice because you’ve tried oh-so-hard, and you still ended up being rejected. It’s alright. I’ve been there, buddy. I actually admire your persistence; if it were directed in other areas of life, how much better would you grow to be? Sadly, it’s wasted on this particular aspect of life. Hard work pays off in life, but not in crushes. No matter how hard you try to impress me, it’s very unlikely that anything is going to happen. Actually, the harder people try, the more turned-off I feel toward them. People are not perfect, and when you try to be so in order to impress me, it puts a doubtful tag on all of your actions. Are you doing it because you do really care for me, or do you just wish to win my affection? Seriously, chill out, man. Why don’t you just regard me as a friend and whatever happens will happen? I can hear the frustration sighs coming out from all of you at the mention of friends.

The dreadful “friendzone”, a place where people whine about not having their affection returned and the breeding ground of so many self-pity memes.

Been there, done that. Do no recommend.

You should actually feel lucky people friendzone you because at least they think you are worthy of being their friends, you know? They don’t feel romantic love for you, but at least they like you enough to be friends. Would you rather them not talking to you at all? Also, why whine? If they don’t know that you pine for them, grab some balls and confess. If it’s a yes, you’ve got your happy ending; if it’s a no, well, it’s a no. Would you rather them dating you out of pity? If the answer is yes, that you would resort to pity love, then I’m genuinely sorry for you, and I hope you would find some friends or hobbies that make you less lonely. Also, if you are desperate enough to want to trap someone to be with you out of pity, maybe the love you claim you have is more directed to yourself, than to the person you claim to love.

Stop regarding people as prizes that you will get if you put enough efforts into it. People are people, man. They have their own minds, perception, needs, wants and agenda. They can full well make decisions for who they want or not want to be with, and you are not entitled to a person just because you are “nice”. If that girl wants to be with an asshole that is not as “nice” as you, let her. She’s her own person. If it’s a mistake, it’s one that she is free to choose, the consequences of which she will have to suffer. If you are genuinely nice, you would wish her a happy life, even if you’re a teeny tiny part of it. If not, maybe, try to reassess your “niceness” again.

I’m tempted to apologize for rejecting you, but to be frank, there’s nothing for me to apologize for. I just wish you would be so full of self-love that you wouldn’t feel like the world is crushing down upon you the next time you get rejected.

Sincerely not yours,

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