New Second New Me!

It’s curious to observe the human’s change of mind when the new year’s clock strikes 00:01, how their whole outlook on the world brightens at the sound of a bell, or their fields of dreams and hopes become just a little bit more fertile under the rumblings of kaleidoscopic fireworks.

What makes the second of December so different from the first of January? What makes it so empowering, and so liberating for some people? Why do people feel a genuine sense of readiness in the first of January instead of say, 27th of May? I guess the first day of the year is just a fixed period of time that people assign as having the capacity of making them feel ready for changes and exploring new potentials.

Date is only a social construct; therefore, any day is as ordinary as the next one. We literally all have the capacity to create a new, fresher mindset in our ways of life literally anytime. That is overwhelming, to say at least. We can actually set a goal and commit to it from 2pm of a common Friday in the middle of the year and it wouldn’t be any different than a goal set at 12:01 on the first day of 2017.

We should really stop this all too common habit of waiting for the right year, right day, or right hour to do something we know we should because those years, days and hours?
They are not guaranteed to us.
We might never live long enough to see it.
You want to get fit? Start doing it now. Want to learn a new language? Why not now? Travel abroad and get lost? Now’s the best time as any other.

Death is the ultimate defier of waiting. It comes when it wants and leaves when it wishes. The only way to beat death in this game of life is to live now, without a second delay.


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