About This Blog

I am SokCheng, and this blog is dedicated to all things I find curious. My main question in life is how to lead a more meaningful existence, and well, this is where you can find my answers.

Enjoy cruising in my mind!

If you’d like to get in touch, don’t hesitate to send me a message through Scseang23@gmail.com!

8 thoughts on “About This Blog”

      1. How you use English vocabulary in your articles deserves every praise. If I hadn’t seen your name and the presentation about yourself, I would have thought these articles were written by a native. Your well written articles inspire me to work harder on my writing skill. If someone who is not a native can write like one, why can’t I?

      2. That’s too much praise! You should visit brainpickings.com, my favorite blog. The author is an immigrant, and she writes as if she was born in the US! I guess we all need to draw the inspiration to write from somewhere! I’m glad you’re motivated to better your writing.

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