You were the sunshine,

To my ever-darkening world,

You made everything seem fine,

Amid this chaotic fucking mess,

By chance, we’d crossed path,

One faithful day of October,

Thus a short romance started,

That, for me, doesn’t seem to end,

Our time together was limited,

That, we both knew,

I tried not to become frigid,

When it was time for you to go,

Now, it’s been months since we last met,

I think it’s better this way,

For I admit I’m still very upset,

As your voice still lingers in my mind everyday,

I now wonder how you can forget someone,

Who turned your entire life around?


Sasuke beat me the other day,

For I told him I understood him pain,

He’d slapped me and called me cray,

For how dare I claimed I knew how he felt,

To have everything taken from you in a blink,

To see your entire life vanishes,

He asked me if I knew the suffering,

Of losing everything I’ve ever cherished,

So now the question still recalls,

Is it worse to have everything you’ve ever known taken,

Or to never know anything at all?


I remember how we’ve promised,

To meet at the campus lest a war breaks out,

Well, now the war isn’t here and the place still persists,

I’m still under the trees but where on earth are you?


Darling, I thought you were ready,

That your heart’s been healed at best,

So I loaned you the key,

To my empty cracked chest,

For a while, you took good care of it,

Filling it with souvenirs you’d brought from your life,

And for a while, I too was contented,

For how could I not be when your smile was that bright?

But, you have to understand when I decided to close the chest,

Was when I found you still snuggle close to her old sweater,

While wonders filled the space in my case,

You were having a hard time cleaning the haunting scent of hers,

So, darling, for now I think we both deserve a rest,

You, from the haunting scent and I, from the newly-filled space,

But, don’t forget when you’re done cleaning the pest,

Come by knocking for you still hold a key to my broken chest.


They say politiking is the way of life,

That you have to hold your tongue to strive,

That although you might call people your friends,

You shouldn’t say everything on your mind just because you can,

But he, he thought differently,

For what’s the use of a listener if he can’t listen to all your pleas?

And what more can a friend do than to listen freely?


Darling, I saw you weeping the other day,

You said it was ‘cos of this boy who only wanted to play,

He’d tasted you twice and decided to leave you at bay,

But heed me, child, this is actually okay,

For no matter how good a place may be,

Some will find it boring and ultimately flee,

Listen to me, child, and listen closely,

Just be yourself and show it to the world bravely,

While some will turn their nose and walk away,

There are bound to be someone who will stay at the end of the day.

Born Perfect?

Lady’s Gaga hit song “Born This Way” has surely won the hearts of many struggling audiences in coming to terms with themselves, but should we really trust it entirely?

There has always been this question floating around when you contemplate about yourself, your strengths and your flaws. The question is “should I be who I am born to be? Or should I strive to be better?

If you decide to go on the first path, self-development is a no-no for you. You would only do what you think is best and you will have to accept whatever flaws you have. If you were born biased, then you will have to be biased for the rest of your life, and be proud of it – a proud bias (how cringe-worthy).

Conversely, if you decide to stick to the second path, you’re all about self-development. If your guts told you to pick that cute grey shirt out from the store, you have ten more voices telling you that you shouldn’t because your sense of fashion is not that good and that it needs improvement. Better listen to your friend who has a higher sense of fashion and improve yourself first.

I have only picked out the worst of those two cases to showcase just how bad it can be sticking to only one end of the spectrum.

My take on this is that there are two types of “stuff” that makes you who you are, namely your preference and your character.

Your preference is what you prefer. It’s your own style, and it’s unique. Your preference includes your favorite color, your favorite book/movie genre, your favorite hairstyle, your favorite types of clothes, your favorite hobbies. It’s your own taste. When it comes to preference, just follow your guts. I mean… loving the color orange is not better than loving the color grey. They are just different. That’s all. You were born to have those preferences, so be proud of them. Though don’t go around telling people which to choose because they also have their own rights to preferences.

Now secondly, your character is your habits, your personality, your traits, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses. These are what you should keep a look out for improvements. You were not born to be lazy, unproductive, chronically late, dishonest, or cowardice. You learn those traits and that means you can unlearn them. Your characters need refinement all the time, whether it be learning from somebody else, from a movie, from a book, or from self-reflection. By all means, change and improve them. Do not ever use “I was born this way” as an excuse for a flawed character.

So the conclusion is that you shall be proud of the preferences you were born with, and at the same time strive to be a better person with more refined characters.