Mark Twain and his dog

This has probably been expressed by countless people, through a wide variety of mediums; I mean, Carrie Underwood basically made a song comparing (some) men to dogs. (Dogs won, naturally). Charles De Gaulle said the more he knew about men, the more he loved his dog (just like how the admirable Mark Twain did so). I wouldn’t mind joining these (awesome) people and express my fondness for dogs.

Here listed  the reasons why I think dogs are wonderfully awesome:


  1. They are probably the most loyal animals (human species included) I (or anybody    else of that matter) have known! : If you have ever had a dog, you would know what I am  talking about. If not, get one, and you’ll know. Not convinced? Well, let’s go see some examples,  shall we? Answer these questions: have you ever seen anybody weeping about her/his dog stealing  their money and leaving them behind? Have you ever heard someone being abandoned by their  dogs because they are not pretty enough? Or rich enough? Or cool enough? A solid example would  be Hachiko, the dog who waited for his dead master, Hidesaburō Ueno, for over nine years because  he just didn’t understand how his master had died and was not going to show up. (If you are  interested in a good sob for this weekend, I highly recommend this film which is based on Hachiko’s   life.)
  2. They love you unconditionally: you got no money? Here, come pat me. You are unemployed? Here, come pat my stomach. You are not considered pretty? Here, let me lick your face a little. You don’t like me? Let me just be here and love you until you love me. Here’s some super personal stuff for you. I had once lost faith in myself and the people around me. I became hateful to almost everyone. Then my dog, ដឹកដឿ Deukdeur (she was chubby when she was born!), came on to me once and again. though rejected several times, she always made her move and wagged her tail at me. As time got passed, my icy cold heart got warmed, and thus marked the day I restored my love for the world again. (I aim to dedicate this post to her, really. Much thanks to you, Deukdeur!)

Only two reasons? Are you fucking kidding me? I could probably find at least thirty reasons on other blogs! Well, before you go on full hulk and judge me and my inability to list some more bullet points, let me tell you, I decided to cut this crap short because the two points have already proven to be enough. Love and loyalty are the components we need most, especially in our Cambodian society right about now. Dogs own them, and aren’t afraid to flaunt ‘em!

So the next time someone curses you: “you dog!” (If you aren’t Cambodian, here’s a simple explanation. We, Cambodian people, like to think of dogs as immoral beings. If somebody is being rude, disrespectful, then he loses his human status, and descends to that of a dog’s). back to our story, the next time someone calls you អាឆ្កែ! Be flattered, they are practically praising you for your faithfulness and love. I’d recommend you to smile, and say: “thanks, you too!”