Ten Ten Taren Ten Ten Ten

You are my ice cream man.

And no, not the kind I know you’re all thinking about,
but genuine ice cream. The kind that makes kids run wild after an ice cream seller on a September afternoon, screaming, “Uncle, uncle! Give me one!”

Every time I meet you, my inner bells launch a series of off-tune jingles, which sound a lot like holidays and naps on the beach. Your sparkling eyes remind me too much of a shining droplet of juicy goodness reflected off of sunlight. And when we talk, I feel like you’re the coconut to my ka-rem, the mold to my orange soda ice cream. The irony is, with you, I am the one who melts.


But you are also not my ice cream man.

Because I remember living in a second floor of a run down building. Cheap white paints, narrow stairs and a busy street. We never got much money to go around between the four of us, but I always managed to save some for you.

Then it was time to wait.

And wait.

And wait. Until that familiar jingles come around the corner. I’d scream at the top of my lungs, from the bottom of my heart. Stop. Stop. Notice me. I want you. Stop.

But he just went on his merry way, about to make other kids happy no doubt. That’s how you’re not my ice cream man, because I shouted, he didn’t hear;

you heard and you still went on your way.




You were the sunshine,

To my ever-darkening world,

You made everything seem fine,

Amid this chaotic fucking mess,

By chance, we’d crossed path,

One faithful day of October,

Thus a short romance started,

That, for me, doesn’t seem to end,

Our time together was limited,

That, we both knew,

I tried not to become frigid,

When it was time for you to go,

Now, it’s been months since we last met,

I think it’s better this way,

For I admit I’m still very upset,

As your voice still lingers in my mind everyday,

I now wonder how you can forget someone,

Who turned your entire life around?


Sasuke beat me the other day,

For I told him I understood him pain,

He’d slapped me and called me cray,

For how dare I claimed I knew how he felt,

To have everything taken from you in a blink,

To see your entire life vanishes,

He asked me if I knew the suffering,

Of losing everything I’ve ever cherished,

So now the question still recalls,

Is it worse to have everything you’ve ever known taken,

Or to never know anything at all?


I remember how we’ve promised,

To meet at the campus lest a war breaks out,

Well, now the war isn’t here and the place still persists,

I’m still under the trees but where on earth are you?


Darling, I thought you were ready,

That your heart’s been healed at best,

So I loaned you the key,

To my empty cracked chest,

For a while, you took good care of it,

Filling it with souvenirs you’d brought from your life,

And for a while, I too was contented,

For how could I not be when your smile was that bright?

But, you have to understand when I decided to close the chest,

Was when I found you still snuggle close to her old sweater,

While wonders filled the space in my case,

You were having a hard time cleaning the haunting scent of hers,

So, darling, for now I think we both deserve a rest,

You, from the haunting scent and I, from the newly-filled space,

But, don’t forget when you’re done cleaning the pest,

Come by knocking for you still hold a key to my broken chest.