Growth, with a Little Bit of Kaizen on the Side

Life is ever-changing. People who cling to a certain belief or idea is doomed to fail because even they, themselves are subjected to change at one point in their lives. To fight change is like fighting a losing battle against the tide. You just simply can’t win.

Even the universe is in a constant state of changing.

Just an excuse to show this majestic Unicorn Nebula. From 

Stars are born and dying
literally every moment. Atoms are being broken and forged right now as we speak. Your cells are also dying and being reproduced at this very moment. Seven years from now, your skin will have been created with all new cells, without any resemblance to your current cells, but amazingly, dance the same pattern as the current ones.


What you thought was true a couple of years ago might have turned out wrong for you this moment. Need proof? Just take a look at how you dress five years ago. Yeah, I know. We thought it was so cool back then.

With that being said, humans have different relationships with change.

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